Naseba creates growth opportunities by connecting people, partners and ideas.

We are deal facilitators, helping clients: raise capital, close sales, enter new markets, secure partners and educate workforces. We add economic value at every stage of our clients’ journeys through our:

Investor services | Commercial services | Leadership services

Our success is driven by being commercially aggressive, pairing agility with enterprise-grade expertise. We bring global opportunities to our clients, with a focus on liquid growth markets.

Naseba has facilitated more than a billion dollars’ worth of deals. We have connected over 100,000 global executives through more than 1,000 proprietary business platforms.

Naseba is a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business, produced and disseminated by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Global Compact.

Naseba capital

Naseba Capital is a leading organisation providing private placement and M&A transaction support in the Gulf region and other emerging markets. Based in Dubai, we leverage Naseba’s 15-year presence in the region and our extensive hands-on experience in facilitating deals between global innovative companies and investors.

Citizenship by investment

Naseba’s Citizenship by Investment programme empowers citizens of any nationality to thrive in a borderless world, offering visa-free travel to over 160 countries – all through a profitable real estate investment.


What are commercial services?

Naseba connects vendors, prequalified buyers and partners to maximise deal flow. We enable clients to unlock and expand business in liquid growth markets – whether closing deals or securing strategic partners.


What are leadership services?

Naseba connects leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and individuals to create lasting impact – whether from a business or socioeconomic perspective. We provide the career-advancing tools to drive growth in areas critical to economic success in today’s world.




The quiet voice in our ear, on the small screen, in print and online, the world’s media needs to do more if we want to access the multi-trillion-dollar female economic empowerment effect Media plays a critical role in our daily lives as a messaging tool and a conduit that helps form our social values yet,…

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Why it doesn’t pay to underestimate the economic power of women “Who run the world?” If you’re a fan of Beyoncé, it’s ‘girls’, but while we’re nowhere near achieving global gender parity, the potential influence and impact of women on the world economy is undeniable. Women’s participation in the global economy could add as much…

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63 Moons Technologies

In conversation with Keshav Samant, President & CEO, 63 Moons Technologies

Having seen brokerage technology from both ends of the spectrum, how would you say brokerage technology has evolved over time. Further, what are the operational, business & technological challenges faced by the brokerages and how can those be effectively addressed using technology? Having been a part of the financial services industry for over 19 years,…

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Blockchain Tech for the Financial Sector

Innovative solutions that will make your money work faster Financial institutions are ready to implement blockchain technology. This article is aimed at the industry leaders, progressive thinkers, and innovators; those people who know this domain inside out, with all the accomplishments and shortcomings, and those who are already foreseeing the abundance of opportunities lying behind…

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Putting Supply Chain Giants on Blockchain

The Block Gemini – Tristar Transport Use Case Outline The significance of logistics regarding tracking, checking and verifying as a process is undoubtedly a fertile breeding ground for blockchain-based innovations. Distributed ledger technology shares an encrypted database that brings many advantages for the supply chain industry. The three pillars of these innovations are transparency, security,…

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Productive use of your assistant

“How can you make the best of your assistant’s time? How can you help them function as productively as possible, without taking too much time out of your day?” —from David Allen’s article, “Productive use of your assistant” Download the PDF with the full article here YOU CAN ALSO MEET David Allen directly and hear…

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Time Management – What’s the real issue?

“Time management is really agreement management. At the end of the day, how good you feel about what you did (and what you didn’t do) is proportional to how well you think you kept agreements with yourself. Did you do what you told yourself to do? Did you accomplish what you think should have been…

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Naseba eyes further expansion into Africa after cyber security summit success

  On July 9-10, 2018, the Africa Cyber Defence Summit was hosted by Kenya’s Ministry of ICT and co-organised by Naseba, a Dubai-based business facilitation company and Nairobi-based Africa Cyberspace Network. Under the theme “Accelerating Africa’s Cyber Security Dialogue”, the summit promoted cyber security, fostered cyber security collaboration and facilitated the procurement of cyber security solutions in the continent.   With 1,331 registered attendees, representing 51 countries, the summit is one of the largest cyber security gatherings in Africa. These attendees represented a diverse set of backgrounds…

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Cyber security stakeholders arrive in Nairobi for the continental cyber security summit. 

Speakers, government officials and solution providers all arrive for the inaugural pan-African cyber security summit.   The Africa Cyber Defence Summit, Africa’s largest cyber security gathering, is taking place in Nairobi at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre on July 9-10,2018. The platform is hosted by Kenya’s Ministry of ICT and co-organised by Naseba and Africa Cyberspace Network (A.C.N)…

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Redefining company culture using AI in human resources

How can machines help human resources build better company culture? We’ve all heard recent stories about artificial intelligence coming after jobs and wiping out industries. While some are hopeful of this new breed of technological advancement that relies on machines doing our jobs better than us, there are some who fear the risks outweigh the benefits.…

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