A key ingredient in Naseba’s success is our dynamic leadership. Collectively our management team has several decades of international industry experience, and brings a diverse range of strengths and skills to our organisation.


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Episode 7 : Sophie Le Ray on women empowerment in the Arab world

Valentino Barrioseta sat with Sophie Le Ray during the 20th WIL Economic Forum to discuss women empowerment and the future of women in the economy. Valentino was also a guest speaker on our “Arts to promote social inclusion” panel discussion. You can visit Resonance Collective to hear the podcast here

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The A-Z of AI

Once the stuff of sci-fi, today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere from our mobile phones to our household appliances and cars. In a nutshell, AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, achieved through machine learning, Natural Language Processing techniques (NLP), reasoning and correction. These techniques together make it…

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PDSi Kids: When children learn to lead themselves, they can learn to lead in the future

Chantel Rijtma and Leandrie Pentz are the Dubai-based team behind PDSi Kids, a self-development programme supporting children in defining and achieving their ambitious goals. Later this month, they will travel to Ethiopia to support Naseba’s stretch programme, working with Rainbows4Children.   What is your professional background and how did PDSi…

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