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    Duration: 18 minutes
    Director: Cristina Isoli, UK
    A love story about a deaf girl and a new guy in town who pursues her romantically.
    Duration: 2 minutes.
    Director: Walid Chaya
    A film about a mother and son and how he encourages her to drive.
    Duration: 6 minutes
    Director: Fatma Alhameli, UAE
    A film about the complications of love in the GCC.
    Duration: 7 minutes
    Director: Natalie Malla, UK
    Melissa and Eric might just be soulmates, but will they talk to each other or will they leave that crowded tube carriage never knowing what might have been?
    Duration : 14 minutes
    Director: Rhonda Mitrani, USA
    A film about a woman trapped in a supermarket with other woman in various stages of womanhood.
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Director: Maha Moussa, UAE
    A short documentary about a Syrian refugee contemporary dancer, that had to start her life twice because of the Syrian war.
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Director: Rudy Barichello, Canada
    Fareed is a sensitive and discreet poet; whose passion is calligraphy. He is a young man of Berber origin who has a sewing workshop in his apartment in Montreal. The news media is dominated by stories about violence and barbaric acts done in the name of Islam. At first, Fareed doesn't react at the accusing finger pointed at all Muslims. But his friends at the Kahwa Café have a different opinion.
    Duration: 19 minutes
    Director: Joy Ernanny, Brazil
    A film about women who find comfort in a beauty salon for women only.
    Duration: 11 minutes
    Director: Mojdeh Ghanbari, France
    A film about a female boxer and her dream to be a professional and how her dad disapproves.
    Duration: 6 minutes
    Director: Kaye Tuckerman, USA
    The end of 2017 presents a new awakening in the acceptance of sexual harassment and abuse allegations in the home, arts, media and politics. Choreographer Ari Groover, wanted to explore the long term effects of this abuse on both women and men, victim and perpetrator, and that culture that allows powerful individuals to abuse that power sexually, and remain unaccountable. In this story guilt plays an important part, especially when this guilt attacks the abuser’s conscience, and holds the individual accountable for their own actions.
  • Nice 14/07/2016
    Duration: 2 minutes
    Director: Gisele Nour, Australia
    Based on the 2016 terror attack in Nice, France, this autobiographical-inspired animated short film explores the immediacy and shock of violence, and its conversely lingering impact. Employing a range of handmade, tactile materials and an experimental structure, this narrative is a glimpse into the disparity between a holiday and a haunting.
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