We reached the maximum capacity of the workshop room. We can no longer accept new participants.
Workshops will be accessible onsite based on no shows .


  • 28th October - Day 1 (15:30 - 16:15)
    Your competitive edge: up-skill personally and professionally - FULL
    Embracing your inner leader - FULL
    Double your Instagram, Double your business - FULL
  • 28th October - Day 1 (16:20 - 17:50)
    Everyone communicates, few people connect - FULL
    Power talk on: How your brain gets washed - FULL
    Science of peak performance - FULL
  • 29th October - Day 2 (15:30 - 16:15)
    Finance literacy: A toolkit - FULL
    It’s time to step out of your comfort zone! - FULL
    Leading by example: Confirming equal pay to keep equality top-of-mind - FULL
  • 29th October - Day 2 (16:20 - 17:50)
    Build your personal brand - FULL
    How networking works and how to work your network - FULL
    Inclusive leadership - FULL

    28th October - Day 1 (12:15 - 14:00)
  • WOW Film Fair Middle East is the first women’s short film fair that promotes and awards the talents of women directors, producers, writers, editors and cinematographers in the film industry internationally. During the event, exclusive screenings featuring a collection of short award-winning films will be on display. Most of the winning films from 2019 are based around relationships and the feminine identity.

    Program includes
    • Q&A
    • Screening
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