Naseba introduces global investors and entrepreneurs with one objective: closing deals. By connecting prequalified investment opportunities to pre-screened investors, we ensure that every opportunity focuses only on success.


Naseba Capital is a leading organisation providing private placement and M&A transaction support in the Gulf region and other emerging markets. Based in Dubai, we leverage Naseba’s 15-year presence in the region and our extensive hands-on experience in facilitating deals between global innovative companies and investors.

In particular, we assist:

  • Early-stage companies to raise VC funding and close M&A deals;
  • VC/PE funds to raise capital with institutional investors and family offices;
  • Institutional investors, VC funds and family offices to build deal flow;
  • Family offices to structure and manage their investment processes.

Naseba Capital is a unit of Naseba. Naseba offers global business facilitation services. Naseba creates growth opportunities by bringing together people, partners, and ideas. Naseba helps companies to raise capital, enter new markets, secure partners, close sales, and educate your workforce. Naseba’s goal is to create opportunity and add economic value at every stage of its clients’ journey.



Naseba’s Citizenship by Investment programme empowers citizens of any nationality to thrive in a borderless world, offering visa-free travel to over 160 countries – all through a profitable real estate investment.

Global citizenship through investment is a well-established and growing norm amongst the high net worth individuals who gain multiple benefits of global mobility, high investment returns, tax planning and return benefits and of course peace of mind for their families and future generations.

We know that becoming a global citizen is a decision that is more than an investment rationale, it comes from a multi-layered analysis and the advice of a trusted advisor and service provider.




Understand how to boost deal flow from the experts at the forefront of regional investment.


Showcase Your Startup at the Largest Startup Gathering in the Kingdom!

What better space to delve into new markets, meet industry leaders, and gain exposure than at the largest startup gathering in the Kingdom! This year, Arabnet Riyadh, the Kingdom’s largest technology event, is expected to convene over 2,000 corporate executives and senior government leaders and 4,000 entrepreneurs, youth, and students under one roof. Do you…

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Why it doesn’t pay to underestimate the economic power of women “Who run the world?” If you’re a fan of Beyoncé, it’s ‘girls’, but while we’re nowhere near achieving global gender parity, the potential influence and impact of women on the world economy is undeniable. Women’s participation in the global economy could add as much…

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Re-surging Chinese capital in 2018

Chinese Capital Controls? The year 2017 saw Beijing simultaneously tightening and ‘relaxing’ its outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI) protocols. In a somewhat confusing move, following a strew of disastrous Chinese investment decisions, and set against a background of politicking among the People’s Party and an ongoing battle against capital flight, Beijing began to scrutinise many…

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Digital doctors: how the GCC is transforming global healthcare

While the world debates the virtues of private vs public healthcare, the GCC is busy pioneering medtech advances that transform lives. The healthcare industry in the GCC can be difficult to understand. On the one hand, the GCC is a high-income region financed with oil-revenues but on the other, it is still classed as developing…

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What you need to know before your next round of funding

At the PEVC Summit Saudi Arabia 2017, iNet was one of the dozens of investors who contributed to deals. Ahead of the 2018 edition of the Summit, iNet Managing Director of Investments, Abdullah AlTamami, shares his essential market insights and reveals where to look for the next round of capital. Organisations seeking investments can submit their…

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The A-Z of AI

Once the stuff of sci-fi, today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere from our mobile phones to our household appliances and cars. In a nutshell, AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, achieved through machine learning, Natural Language Processing techniques (NLP), reasoning and correction. These techniques together make it possible for machines to learn…

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Could 2018 be the year for connected healthcare?

As connectivity continues to enable and improve people’s lives around the world, we are seeing some incredibly transformative impacts across all aspects of human life. Just take a minute to think about the way you currently communicate, access information, consume media, share experiences, order goods, and services, or make payments in your day-to-day life compared…

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The future’s marvelous medicine – how big data will change healthcare

This year, the World Economic Forum was dominated with talk of healthcare’s high-tech revolution, from lab bench to bedside… and not a “robot” in sight. The digital revolution is commonly associated with communications and information, characterised by the internet, digital coms, social media and the industries these have created and supported. Now change is happening…

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Creating an investor’s playground

With reform at the top of the agenda, Saudi Arabia is building the ultimate investor’s playground¸ creating opportunities as well as the financial instruments and incubators necessary to realise them. In the modern economy, efficiency is everything and its impact is measured in units of profit. According to Deloitte, a 1% increase in productivity can…

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The sandboxes driving blockchain in the Middle East

It’s the most important tech breakthrough since the Internet and, in need of a place to push the limits of what it can achieve, blockchain’s leading pioneers from around the world are arriving to play in the GCC’s sandboxes. Perhaps the most revolutionary idea of our generation, blockchain is changing the mechanics of how the…

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