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“We don’t just say we know the investor because we shook their hand somewhere. We genuinely build a relationship with each investor.”
– Fabien Faure, Managing Director

Naseba’s investor services provides investors with vetted investment opportunities through private meetings.

Leveraging Naseba’s history of having hosted over 80,000 C-suite executives through more than 700 business platforms, we have built a network of pre-screened investors who trust us because of our un-biased approach to opportunities.

We maintain these relationships with the buy-side through constant communication to stay abreast of their mandates and investment trends.

Our investors’ mandates serve as the blueprint to tailor our services that culminate in private meetings with pre-qualified investment opportunities.

Our global investor network

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Our team of analysts screen investment opportunities from around the world to source the best in class investment opportunities to introduce to our network of investors through one to one meetings.

These invitation-only platforms are designed around investors mandates to facilitate both capital raising and networking.


Evaluating your investment opportunities

Upon receiving your confirmation, a questionnaire will be sent to you. The questionnaire provides a
snapshot of the opportunity to the investor analysts (IA) assigned to you.


Once your investment opportunity is accepted

A call will be organised between you, the account manager and the IA. They will cover all aspects of the investment opportunity, including the elevator pitch.


Preparing a tailored investment deck

The analyst will collect your investor communication collaterals and work with you to tailor them if necessary to regional investor mandates. Templates of these materials can be provided if needed.


Perfecting the pitch to investors

A follow-up call will be conducted for the IA to pitch the opportunity to you, incorporate any feedback received and finalise the message to the investors.


Preparing the first short list of investors

With the IA having reviewed the collateral and project details from you, the profile of target investors that match your requirements will be outlined.


Providing you with weekly updates

You will have a weekly call with the IA until the meeting, updating you on changes made to the collateral, feedback from investors and any other details that may be useful in preparing you for the meeting.


Pre-meeting report sent 3 days prior

The report will detail the investors targeted for your investment opportunity, summarise their feedback, minutes of your weekly calls with the IA and the meeting schedule with the confirmed investors along with their profiles.



Meeting investors one-to-one

In addition to the scheduled one-to-one meetings with investors, the IA will facilitate additional introductions onsite. You will also have a short, face-to-face debrief at the end of the day, to plan immediate follow-up meetings with certain investors. These may take place the same evening, the next day, or at another time at the investors’ offices.



Post-meeting debrief

You will be sent a form to provide the IA with your notes and feedback from all of your meetings. Within 10 days of the meeting, you will receive a post-meeting report with the investors’ feedback along with our input for you to drive any follow-ups yourself.


Supporting your follow-up

Once you have received the debrief report, you will have a call with the IA and the account manager to discuss what add-on services we can provide to support your follow-ups with additional investors in either the same or alternative markets.


The meetings were very well organised, the quality of the attending investors was very high and these are the people I will be doing business with in the future. What is exciting about Naseba's platforms is having the formal conference on one side and the investor meetings on the other side, makes it easier to mix with potential partners and investors, so it’s a very good format.

Ben Cotton, Managing Partner, Earth Capital Partners

Naseba’s platforms provide the ideal setting for global and regional players to come together, talk, share ideas and attract investors to come to this region as the region grows.

Fadi Ghandour, Chairman, Wamda Capital

I had interesting meetings with many business cases presented at the summit. I think we will be contacting three or four of them very soon.

Ihsan Bafakih, CEO, MASIC

I’m confident that we’re going to raise capital. I would not be surprised if we were closing an investment in the next 30 days.

Pete O’Heeron, Managing Principal, SpinalCyte LLC

Naseba has created a great platform for raising money. I met genuine investors who expressed serious interest and have considerable capital to spend. This has been a great experience.

Chairman and Strategic Advisory Board Member, QD Solar

The initiative to organise such a high level summit definitely helps to uncover new opportunities. I look forward to following Naseba’s future activities.

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Chairman, Kingdom Holding Company

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