Naseba investor networking club is an invitation based private collective that connects more than 2,000 investors with global investment opportunities.

We organise an annual gathering of all Naseba investor networking club members in the UAE, where investment opportunities are given the opportunity to meet with a selection of potential investors.

The growth markets we focus on include GCC (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar), India and China.

An annual membership to the Naseba investor networking club allows investment opportunities to introduce their investment opportunity to pre-screened active investors, meet and network with investors at an annual private meeting, and stay updated with the latest relevant market trends.

Who Can Become a Member?

    • Companies investigating which projects/funds to introduce into growth markets
    • Companies looking to raise capital for a specific project/fund
    • Companies interested in accessing, meeting and networking with investors
    • Companies looking to sell assets
    • Companies seeking joint venture partner(s)

    Note: Membership is limited to historic Naseba clients who have attended one of our investor meetings.

Membership Breakdown


  • 2500+

    investor members, all with clear and specific investment mandates

  • 700+

    new GCC investor members per annum

  • 300+

    new Chinese investor members per annum

  • 150+

    new Indian investor members per annum

  • HNWIs

  • Institutional investors

  • Family offices

  • Multi family offices

Business Case Managers & Asset Managers

This category includes companies from all over the world, seeking capital introduction, asset sales, and/or joint venture opportunities with investors in liquid growth markets.

    • Healthcare
    • IT
    • Hospitality
    • Real estate
    • Natural resources
    • Agriculture
    • Energy

Membership Benefits

  • Regular reporting into current investor preferences, trends and mandates:

    You will receive a private quarterly report summarising specific regional investor interest.

  • Annual gathering

    We will organise one yearly gathering of all Investor Club members in the UAE, where one of your representatives will be invited and given the opportunity to meet with a selection of potential investors.

    The participation includes:
    • Your company/business case logo displayed in the brochure distributed to all invited investors
    • Pre-scheduled business meetings with investors who have expressed an interest in your business case
    • Access to the cocktail receptions and any other functions hosted by Naseba Global Investor Services
    • Access to all other attending investors, with the assistance of Naseba staff to organise on-the-spot meetings.
  • Direct marketing access to investors:

    Your investment opportunity ‘teaser’ will be shared with our pre-screened investors a minimum of 3 times per year.

  • Follow up and engagement service

    We will follow up with the investors we introduced to you during the annual gathering as well as those who expressed an interesting following our marketing campaigns, in order to keep them engaged.

  • Privileges

    Opportunities to sponsor our platforms and expose your brand within exclusive networks at a discounted rate.

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