As Managing Partner for CCM Consultancy, Mr. Matti’s responsibilities put him in front of clients from all industries and with wide-spanning challenges. From effective talent management strategies to the design of complex progression models set to instil behavioural change, his team consults on end-to-end solutions for their clients.
He is an experienced leader with over 17 years of leadership experience in human resource development and financial services, where he has proven his ability to manage, motivate and influence others through strong and effective communication skills and a commitment to realising individual and team success. Prior to moving to Dubai to head up CCM Consultancy, he lived in Toronto and was Regional Director for Canada’s largest financial planning firm.
An accomplished public speaker and TV commentator in Canada, Mr. Matti still meets with clients to consult on their issues, develop solutions and deliver riveting interventions.
He and his team have helped clients in sales, management and leadership needs as well as branded culture and customer centric experiences.