Saudi re-wired: How KSA will use tech to transform

Saudi Arabia is changing. Under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, Saudi Arabia is fostering a diverse and inclusive society and economy, underpinned by new ideas, new technologies and new ways of living.   Since rising to the…

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Cyber Security – No longer an option, but a necessity

Saudi Arabia is no stranger to cyber-attacks. In 2012, the Shamoon virus devastated Saudi Aramco in what Former U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta described as “the most destructive cyberattack on a private business”. Within hours, 35,000 computers were either partially…

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The secret to startup success

Photo credit: From left to right: Ivo Detelinov, Vice President & Head of PE Fund, Riyadh Taqnia Fund, Hasan Haider, Partner, 500 startups, Joe Peterson , CEO of Sure Inc, Promoth Manghat, CEO, UAE Exchange, Nicholas Watson, Managing Director, Naseba Economically…

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Boosting private equity and venture capital in KSA

Saudi Arabia’s high dependence on hydrocarbon revenues needs no introduction. However, in a quest to divorce from its traditional sources of income, the Kingdom is investing heavily in strategic sectors, including R&D, education, medicine and emerging technologies, while privatising many…

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Five minutes with Dr. Linzi Kemp

Dr. Linzi Kemp, Associate Professor at American University of Sharjah’s School of Business Administration, participated in a key panel at the Women in Leadership Economic Forum which took place in Dubai on the 25th – 26thOctober, 2017. In the lead…

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John Mattone on vulnerability, ego and purpose

Ahead of the 11th CFO Strategies Forum MENA, we caught up with John Mattone – #1 authority on intelligent leadership, best-selling author and famously known as Steve Jobs’ former coach. A topic you discuss often is how important it is…

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