Bringing the human touch to digitisation

Saudi Arabia’s National Digitization Unit (NDU) may be driving some of the most advanced technology in the world, but the mandate remains “citizen first” Saudi Arabia’s digital ambitions are bold. Encompassing physical infrastructure and national culture in equal measure, they…

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All systems go: how Saudi is going smart

Saudi Arabia’s ICT spending is expected to exceed $39 billion by 2019 and that doesn’t account for the corporate and foreign investments the Kingdom’s digital revolution attracts. As the regional leader in the development of next generation solutions, it’s all…

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What you need to know before your next round of funding

At the PEVC Summit Saudi Arabia 2017, iNet was one of the dozens of investors who contributed to deals. Ahead of the 2018 edition of the Summit, iNet Managing Director of Investments, Abdullah AlTamami, shares his essential market insights and reveals…

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The A-Z of AI

Once the stuff of sci-fi, today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere from our mobile phones to our household appliances and cars. In a nutshell, AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, achieved through machine learning, Natural Language Processing…

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Could 2018 be the year for connected healthcare?

As connectivity continues to enable and improve people’s lives around the world, we are seeing some incredibly transformative impacts across all aspects of human life. Just take a minute to think about the way you currently communicate, access information, consume…

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Creating an investor’s playground

With reform at the top of the agenda, Saudi Arabia is building the ultimate investor’s playground¸ creating opportunities as well as the financial instruments and incubators necessary to realise them. In the modern economy, efficiency is everything and its impact…

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The sandboxes driving blockchain in the Middle East

It’s the most important tech breakthrough since the Internet and, in need of a place to push the limits of what it can achieve, blockchain’s leading pioneers from around the world are arriving to play in the GCC’s sandboxes. Perhaps…

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The reasons every investor should understand blockchain

Secure, transparent and efficient, blockchain is the breakthrough that is transforming equity, capital and investment management. In 2008, a financial crisis unprecedented since the Great Depression caused banks around the world to collapse and threatened to wipe out the global…

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Setting up in Saudi

On the back of almost a century of oil production, Saudi Arabia has become a wealthy and influential force on the global stage, yet to many it remains inaccessible. Now, with a millennial Crown Prince leading the way, the kingdom…

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