Productive use of your assistant

“How can you make the best of your assistant’s time? How can you help them function as productively as possible, without taking too much time out of your day?” —from David Allen’s article, “Productive use of your assistant” Download the…

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Time Management – What’s the real issue?

“Time management is really agreement management. At the end of the day, how good you feel about what you did (and what you didn’t do) is proportional to how well you think you kept agreements with yourself. Did you do…

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Naseba eyes further expansion into Africa after cyber security summit success

  On July 9-10, 2018, the Africa Cyber Defence Summit was hosted by Kenya’s Ministry of ICT and co-organised by Naseba, a Dubai-based business facilitation company and Nairobi-based Africa Cyberspace Network. Under the theme “Accelerating Africa’s Cyber Security Dialogue”, the summit promoted cyber security, fostered cyber security collaboration and facilitated the procurement of cyber security solutions in the continent.   With 1,331 registered attendees, representing…

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Redefining company culture using AI in human resources

How can machines help human resources build better company culture? We’ve all heard recent stories about artificial intelligence coming after jobs and wiping out industries. While some are hopeful of this new breed of technological advancement that relies on machines doing…

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Why nobody likes your ICO

Rejection can be harsh, but understanding why nobody wants to jump on your ICO is the first step in transforming your luck Initial Coin Offerings, aka the not so humble ICO, are big business. In 2016, more than US$200 million…

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Re-surging Chinese capital in 2018

Chinese Capital Controls? The year 2017 saw Beijing simultaneously tightening and ‘relaxing’ its outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI) protocols. In a somewhat confusing move, following a strew of disastrous Chinese investment decisions, and set against a background of politicking among…

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AI and Robotics in MENA

The AI market in the Middle East is expected to reach values of $114 million by 2021, but in the race to adapt, clear winners are already emerging. Here are three sectors currently being transformed by robotics and AI If…

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E-Fung taps Naseba’s unrivalled international PEVC reach

A high-level delegation from business facilitation company Naseba invited for the Annual Investor Meeting of E-fung Capital, supporting deals in pharmaceuticals and portfolio companies DUBAI – With ambitions to boost private equity and venture capital investment in China, a high-level…

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The digital bodyguards

Jan Wendenburg, CEO of Certgate explains why smart isn’t the same as AI and consumer device security is no match for professional protection. What made you leap into the mobile security industry? Tell us more about your background. After various sales and…

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The A- Z of Saudi’s NTP technology spending spree

A quick reference guide to Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Program (NTP) investment plans across health, IT, education, finance and the economy and the tech needed to power them More than simply an opportunity for national transformation, each investment in Saudi…

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